Google IQ Exam Notes

Some thoughts on taking the exam. These were written about the Platform Principles Course, but some of it applies to the Digital Analytics Fundamentals course. Be sure to go through both before taking the certification exam.


GA Platform Principles

They say it takes 1-3 hrs, depending on what you do.

Suggestion: may want to print out text version of every unit/lesson, and read through once.

Videos cumulative length:

Unit 1 = 9:47

Unit 2 = 10:51

Unit 3 = 14:29

Unit 4 = 10:13

= 45:20

After watching each video:

1) Critical: Scroll Down and do each activity, try different answers, check answers again.

2) If you feel clueless,  Review Text Version of video, try again.

- ex: it took me 12 attempts to get the questions right in one of the videos in unit 3, then I looked at the text version of the unit.

3) Recommended: Try Take Action in Your Account



- After reviewing each video and doing the activities, *take final assessment for each course* to help integrate learning.

- What the heck? make a note of questions, email before we meet next so we can discuss

- FAQ for IQ Certification Exam: passing score: 80%, 56 out of 70 questions