App Marketing

Below are some notes, comments and links that offer some suggestions for overall app marketing strategy.

The iOS App Marketing Strategy Guide

> fair discussion, iOS app-centric

> For a beginner, validating demand is one of the most important things

- look for potential audience (article > search volume/app trending)

- also test the actual concept (mockup > share with friends and/or advertise, do survey)

How to Validate Ideas

> Some good principles

Email List

> Ultimately the best place to keep potential customers or “testers” is in an email list, so you can contact them directly. It’s best to have a compelling, related reason to invite them to join, such as planning a sequence of material/tips that relate to the app, so you can invite people to join a list and “receive free tips, information on ______”.

> Building an Email List:

Advanced Marketing

> Once you have pieces in place, you may want to try a service like LeadPages to help boost your marketing efforts: - this is especially true if you’re running ads.

> Also Digital Marketing - - has some good free and paid resources to help with specific areas in digital marketing.

> ECommerce - if you get to the point of actually trying to sell something, take a look at and


Email List:


Validating demand (see articles above):



> having budget to run ads to share the concept with people and to promote is good, an alternative is to try and get exposure on social media channels, forums, related groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

> Free learning material on social media marketing (Facebook, etc.):

Google has a lot of good free learning material on Adwords.