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Misc tips and tutorials as they come along.

Tools: free and low cost tools to consider using.

Switching from Yahoo Email
No email is 100% safe, but all 3 billion Yahoo accounts were hacked, so it would be a good idea to a) change your password if you use yahoo, and b) use gmail from now on. Start by creating a gmail address, and then check out these articles.

Adding a Table of Contents to Blogger
I think Blogger is the best, easiest platform to use for blogging, until/unless you outgrow it and want to use Wordpress. This tutorial shows how to add a table of contents to make the blog look more professional for recruiters.

Make links in blog posts active.
Meaning don't just paste the link, but make it clickable. Also make it so it opens in a new window.

(Blogger) blog > select link text > then click on "link" in the menu bar at the top of the blog post. then it becomes actice. next, click once on the link, and choose the "Change" option in the little pop-up bar. and check the "open in new window" box. it's a best practice of opening links "elsewhere" so that when they're done they still have your window open.

Remove date from blog posts - in some cases you may want to remove the dates from blog posts to help content be more "evergreen" or less dated, and more educationl