Special Topics - Downloads and Sources

So I thought you might be interested in this; it's a small scale experiment, but shows two ways Google Analytics helped to answer specific questions.

The context is I updated a Web site for the comic book Dawn Patrol, and for Veteran's Day, ran a Facebook ad inviting people to visit the site. The ad ran to England and the U.S., advertising www.thedawnpatrol.net

In the downloads graphic, you see where you can get to specifics on what pages were visited on the site, in descending order. "/" is www.dawnpatrol.net, and /download is the download page. So approx 12 people probably downloaded the file. In theory there's probably a way to track clicks to the download link itself.

In the other graphic, you see location information - so the avg visit duration for people from England was twice as long, which makes sense, given that the comic book is about the Battle of Britain.