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The Biggest Mistakes I See on Resumes, and How to Correct Them
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How to Write a Professional Cover Letter
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Are nervous habits detailing your job interview?


Learning LinkedIn
The LinkedIn Help Center has good introductory material:

And this Beginner's Guide to LinkedIn Article is an easy read:

This is a good article about mastering linkedin, personal branding, and bringing it to the next level:

Adding Skills
Sometimes Linkedin adds skills automatically but you should also review your profile and add skills about techniques and programs/tools you are learning. Ex: google analytics, web analytics, google adwords, pay per click, seo, search engine optimization, and so on - techniques, and tools.

Automated Job Suggestions

One nice thing about building your LinkedIn Profile is that you can increasingly apply for jobs directly, with your profile. LinkedIn can also send you a daily/weekly list of jobs you can apply for. See:

Invest in LinkedIn
Generally speaking, it's a really good idea to spend time investing in building your LinkedIn Profile, including adding keywords in the Skills section (Edit Profile > Skills), so people can endorse you for particular skills.

LinkedIn Custom URL
Another good thing to do if you haven't already is to get a custom link for your linkedin profile, so you can more easily add it on your resume and/or include it in cover letters. It's basically like getting a shorter link, instead of a longer link with a number, etc. - it looks more professional. Ex: is my "custom" link.

Here's an article on how to do it:


Some resources students have found helpful:

Real-World Job-Search Techniques

(Cory, job-seeker, shares some techniques from a successful job search)

For my job search, I utilized various strategies to eventually earn an interview with VIP Sports Marketing. Well before graduation, I decided to make a list of all of the sports marketing agencies that I had an interest working for. Once I completed the list, I navigated to each and every company website to see if there were any job openings. Unfortunately, I failed to find any initial open positions. However, after some research, I sent emails to most of the companies (from email addresses I found on each website) in hopes that I could earn an interview. In the emails, I explained my background, experience, and that I was a recent graduate from Benedictine University who was searching for a job in the sports marketing industry. Fortunately, I heard back from VIP relatively quickly. One phone interview lead to an in person interview, which then resulted in a job offer.
Besides sending out cold lead emails, I also used LinkedIn and a website called TeamWork Online, which specializes in posting jobs in the sports marketing industry to the general public. While using LinkedIn, I looked up individuals with jobs similar to what I was pursuing. After finding numerous people that had a position that I was interested in earning, I sent out connection requests to see if I could receive advice or any potential leads. Some responded while others didn’t, but the networking was invaluable since I was able to demonstrate that I was motivated and passionate about working in the sports industry. Overall, I used most of the strategies that What Color Is Your Parachute preaches, especially when it came to interviewing.

Editors Note: What Color Is Your Parachute is a really strong book to read and work through for any job-seeker. It's sold 13 million copies and is well worth the price. You have to put effort into it but it pays big dividends.
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Sep 29, 2016, 6:29 AM
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Sep 18, 2017, 6:05 PM
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